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Construction Site Waste Management

C.C.R. also offers Waste Management For LEED Criteria Projects

Clean Conscience Recycling makes construction activity more environmentally friendly by reducing the amount of waste sent to the landfills.

A Few of the Benefits

  • reduction in the cost of waste disposal
  • eliminating and/or minimizing waste¬† where ever possible
  • conservation of raw materials and energy
  • reusing materials which might otherwise become waste
  • assist with targeting waste streams and determining its destination
  • provide recycled material documentation: weights, tickets, end of use letters

Business Recycling Solutions

  • white or colored office paper
  • receipts / post-it notes
  • magazines/glossy
  • junk mail / phone books
  • flattened cardboard / paperboard
  • tin cans, aluminum cans
  • plastics #1-7
  • bubble wrap/ grocery bags/ shrink wrap/ clear plastic film
  • bottles/cans
  • batteries
  • glass

Organics Collection

  • food soiled newspaper and cardboard.
  • fruits/ vegetables raw or cooked
  • coffee grounds/filters/tea bag
  • pasta ,rice,grains
  • bread, baked goods, dairy products
  • food soiled papers towels/napkins/tissues
  • wooden toothpicks, stir sticks, popsicle sticks

Special Community Events

  • Assist with developing a waste reduction/diversion plan for your event
  • Set-up and removal of bins and containers
  • Emptying containers throughout the event and proper disposal of materials
  • Provide clearly marked signage for different recyclables
  • Container rental options available
Other acceptable items
-Ink Cartridges
-Light bulbs /Tubes

From recycling educational programs to waste diversion, we are committed to bringing all our recycling knowledge and benefits to your business.

Improve your business and the planet’s sustainability!


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