Save Money and Preserve The Environment

Clean Conscience Recycling takes Construction, Industrial, Commercial and Institutional waste recycling seriously. We are committed to provide your business with a waste management solution that is environmentally friendly, efficient and cost effective.

Why pay for materials to fill up a hole in the ground?

We help local businesses and institutions find a right balance between the client’s recycling needs and the cost benefits.

We make your recycling program convenient and easy.


Proudly Serving Central Alberta

How it Began

Bethany Care Society

Sylvan Lake, Alberta

The only way forward is to get everyone involved, Leanne Bertram did just that! After identifying a need at our site for a full-service recycling business, Leanne took it upon herself to create her own. Her dedication to helping our planet inspired the community, and her business has since flourished outside of our centre

Her mission began when Leanne noticed Bethany Care Society was recycling bottles and cans, but a lack of local resources wouldn’t allow us to recycle paper or other plastics. By working with management, she acquired new bins from the Town and ensured everything that could be, was recycled. Her initiative inspired staff and families alike to become more conscience of our environmental impact

We are thankful to Leanne for her hard work and dedication to helping the environment. Her efforts have certainly helped make Bethany Sylvan Lake and our local communities a better place – Emma Madden



Pivotal LLP Chartered Accountants

Red Deer, Alberta

We started with Clean Conscience Recycling as a free trial that Leanne holds, and we loved it! Leanne was very helpful in getting us set up with the amount of bins we needed for our recycling and composting throughout the office. Leanne is great with working with you to get a pick up schedule down and is always polite and friendly when you see her. If we were left to our own devices, the plastic recycling and composting would never have happened as effectively as it has been since we brought in Clean Conscience Recycling!! Thank you Leanne!! We have indeed changed the way our office thinks!! – KELLY HILLS


The Bra Lounge

Red Deer, Alberta

Hey biz owner friends – we’ve recently begun having our (sometimes enormous amount of) recycling picked-up with Leanne of Clean Conscience Recycling out of Sylvan Lake – AFFORDABLE and easy! You should do the same. Far too much recycling is tossed into our garbage bins. Save money on garbage pick up! Leanne will take compost, wood, cardboard, paper (she shreds too), plastic, EVERYTHING. It’s actually pretty remarkable what she can take!

DO IT! Help make our city even more beautiful! Lead the initiative! #BEtheChange #RedDeer


Sylvan Lake Dental

Sylvan Lake Alberta

After fifteen years of personally hauling all of our cardboard, paper and other recyclable items to the recycling depot Leanne came to my rescue with her new business � Clean Conscience Recycling. For a reasonable fee she now takes care of this chore for me and other like-minded businesses in Sylvan Lake. I am most happy to support her in this effort to reduce waste and recycle what we can in our precious central Alberta environment. – DR. KELVIN HILL